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Guytel Services Inc provides a wide variety of Telecom Products & Services for every business need. For Government, Corporate, Small Business or for custom Home offices. Guytel serves them all - anywhere in the National Capital Region.

On-Site Service - This value-added service has become an industry standard. Convenient and dependable. All services are guaranteed. On-site Installation of telephone equipment, headsets, audioconferencing, faxes and other specialty telephone devices. Guytel Repairs Meridian Series phones, Panasonic Faxes, Superprint TTY, Polycom Audioconferencing and many other specialty telephone devices.

For Small Business and Home Office Guytel offers Repairs all your telephony hardware. Installation is provided for all Guytel Services Inc products. Ask about Smart Wiring for your business or home. Voice, Data, Music products like jacks, hubs distribution modules, tuner amps, speakers ... Guytel does it all!

Guytel Services is active as a responsible member of our business community. Guytel has developed a program to help reduce the impact of our environmental footprint. Sound Recycling has introduced initiatives to make it simple for our valued customers to participate while also respecting the current work-process efficiencies. A successful example is the ‘Blue-Bin Program’ – a Guytel service that encourages repair or replacement of old or damaged telecom equipment with refurbished equipment. An environmental solution that is fast, and will reduce costs too. We provide on-location bins, pick-up & delivery and records management.

Guytel.ca is registered on govpages.ca - Canada’s National Government Suppliers Directory