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About us

Guytel has been providing telecom product services and solutions in Ottawa since 1982. For small and medium-sized businesses, we aim to offer all of our customers quality service and customized solutions for a seamless, dependable and professional experience.

Brief History

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we’re excited to launch a new look for the business, and we invite you to let us know how Guytel can serve you better. Telecommunications is a rapidly evolving field, and in the past few decades we have seen many changes. But one thing remains the same – our commitment to our customers.  


In 35 years of doing business, Guytel’s owner and founder, Guy Soulière, has had the chance to reinvent the business a few times. In the early years, Guy made repairs to phones and answering machines, then ventured into the retail business, and then selling to small and medium-sized enterprises.


Guido and sweet appreciation!

30 years ago nobody wanted to fix phones, as people didn’t think it was worth the trouble. Yet, from an early age, Guy loved to fix things. One day, back in 1983, when cassettes were all the rage, a man named Guido walked into the store looking for someone to help fix his Walkman (for the younger folks out there that’s a portable cassette player, otherwise known as the grandfather of the Ipod). Guy rummaged in his tool box and with a few tweaks was able to solve the problem. To this day, 30 years later, Guido still comes to the Guytel office every once in a while offering donuts of appreciation. We think that’s pretty sweet!