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Cabling & Programming Projects


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cables2Cabling is the foundation of all communications throughout your facilities and beyond. Voice, data and video infrastructures are the lifeline of all aspects of business. At Guytel, our knowledgeable, experienced team sets the standard for cabling solutions across Canada.


  • Cat6A, Cat6, Cat5E
  • Design, Installation, Testing, and Programming
  • MAC (Moves, Adds, and Changes)
  • Management of Test results/Electronic Floor Plans







macFor any physical change of equipment location or installation of new equipment, Guytel manages and dispatch team to move, connect/disconnect, add and program/reprogram the existing and/or new equipment. We have a network of partners across the country that allows us to offer those services for all your locations in Canada.

 There are three type of changes:

  • Physical modification; dispatch to change existing equipment
  • Logical upgrade; bandwidth upgrade to a transport circuit requiring coordination with a third party
  • Logical modification; a configuration change to a router or switch.