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audits-surveyAudits: We Review hardware/software, billing, and all related services. We quantify what you have, and if you’re using it properly. 

Our Telecom Audit & Optimization services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line with typical savings ranging from 15 to 25%. Audit & Optimization is a great complement to our other telecom management services.

Audit & Optimization services will make a significant impact to your bottom-line by identifying potential problem areas in your telecom spend and recovering those losses while there’s still time. With so many staff moving from department to another over the years, it is hard to keep track of how many phone lines and extensions may still be charged despite being unused.

Our PBX optimization services for legacy or IP-based systems reviews and analyzes all voice usage on and off your network and then provides specific PBX cost savings recommendations.

Survey: We determine the types of services you need via physical survey, online form, or telephone.


  • Quality control and assessment
  • Needs analysis



Guytel can provide complete needs analysis to determine client technology direction, solve existing problems, improve efficiency of existing systems, and review proposed systems in relation to present and future operational needs.  The results of a complete needs analysis will allow your organization to make sound decisions on the future of your telecommunications systems.


  • Enhanced technology
  • Reduce costs
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Maximizing human resources


Project ManagementProject Management

Typically the project manager provides resource coordination, sourcing capability and progress reporting along with the technology design and Implementation management services needed to complete your project.  Successful project management entails a synthesis and focus of resources along with thorough documentation and communications.


  • Facilitation of moves
  • Introducing new technologies
  • Special needs requirements
  • Emergency services requirements

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD:  Under Preparation

We provide tools to support your emergency preparedness contingency plans. Tools such as Mass Alert systems, notifications, and dispatching.

Emergency telecommunications is an integral part for projects integrating telecommunications and technology in disaster prediction, detection, and alerting. Emergency Telecommunications play a critical role in the immediate aftermath of disasters by ensuring timely flow of vital information which is much needed by government agencies, and other humanitarian actors that are involved in rescue operations.

Training is always provided as part of our maintenance and after sales support service.