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Recycling & Repair


Our popular BlueBin program offers phones that are cost-effective and indistinguishable from new. Our certified repair technicians use cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to ensure that all components of the hardware – including video conferencing and other conferencing systems – are repaired and refurbished to look and operate like new.randr-repairs-final



We manage pickup and repair of:

  • Conference units
  • Headsets
  • Phones

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Is your company moving to a new location? Take the opportunity to have your phones and telecom hardware serviced, so that everything is clean and ready to go when you sit at your new desk.

 When to clean:

  • Move, Add, & Change (MAC Services)
  • For maintenance purposes







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Our refurbished phones are attractively priced and reconditioned for even longer-lasting use. 

Refurbished telephones are tested by our technicians and individually boxed with a key set, instructions, a line cord, and a handset cord. Each phone is cleaned and sanitized ready for use. 

We refurbish:

  • Legacy phones
  • Headsets
  • Voice-conference equipment


ewaste-ebookDispose of your old electronics in a sustainable way with Guytel. We are a member of the Ontario Electronic Stewardship and an active contributor to their Electronic Resource Recycling Program.

  • We pick up old phones 
  • We ensure that your old telecom devices are recycled responsibly





trade-in-ebookYou can alleviate some of the costs associated with new telecom hardware by trading in your used equipment.  

Trade ins accepted for:

  • M5000, M8000, M9000 series phones
  • Single line phones
  • Multi line phones
  • Conference units
  • Cordless headsets
  • Headset tops
  • Headset amplifiers
  • KSUs
  • Key phone sets