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Telecom Tech Services



Our on-site tech service includes either a short- or long-term contract between Guytel and a department, where a technician employed and trained by Guytel is allocated exclusively to a department. The service may include telecom troubleshooting, e-waste management, or a regular service call.

 On-site service calls for:

  •  Troubleshooting or repair
  •  Special projects with time requirements
  •  Set-up & programming of equipment
  •  Emergency equipment
  •  Installation & delivery of purchased equipment

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remote-pDifferent versions of the Norstar Manager and Norstar Remote Utilities software use a PC to perform much of the programming required for new installations, adds, moves, changes and maintenance support on Norstar systems. For example, the following system changes can be completed from a remote site. 

  • Change the features programmed on the buttons of individual telephone sets
  • Update the system speed dial list
  • Backup system data
  • Restore system programming from a backup
  • Add, remove or change telephone DNS
  • Add, remove or change line and ringing assignments on sets





Even the best telephone system can experience technical problems. maintenance1That’s why we recommend setting up a maintenance plan that minimizes potential disruption to your business and provides coverage for parts and labour at a much-reduced rate. Our coverage plans are flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs.

Maintenance plans may include:

  • 4 hours or less guaranteed response time for major system failure
  • Discounted hourly rates
  • Remote diagnostics (audits)