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On site service

phone lines and  equipment  installation.

Phone lines



DSL service 10/1


Fax service


Alarm Line


Trade in ……….. $ value


1 telephone channel (unlimited incoming and outgoing calls)
1 telephone channel (unlimited incoming calls)
911 service
1 phone number on our territory
5 phone extensions
5 evolved voicemails
3 advanced business mailboxes (e.g.: reception, sales, and service)
2 soft phone extensions – softphone or mobile
Unlimited long distance in our local “Ontario” area
Call waiting
Advanced call forwarding
Speed dials
Call restriction with codes
Access to a full range of advanced features (* and #)
Access to detailed call logs and reports

We also offer a full range of options allowing us to personnalize our service according to customer needs


Before we can send you a quote for updating standard legacy system or Internet Phone Service (VOIP), we need to know a bit more about you.